2017 Awards Program

NACPRO is accepting nominations for the 2017 program through March 3, 2017, midnight Eastern. 

Click here to download the nomination instructions. 

The annual NACPRO Awards Banquet recognizes and honors excellence in parks and recreation at the county, regional, special district level throughout the nation.  The presentation of awards will be held in Canton, Ohio on Thursday, June 8, 2017 during the Special Park District Forum. Visit our Summer Meeting page for more information. 

Award Categories

1. Individual Awards

Outstanding Public Official is presented to an elected or appointed federal, state, or local official (including commissioner or board member) who has contributed significantly to the benefit of NACPRO member parks, recreation, leisure services and open space programs.

Outstanding Professional
  1. Lifetime: to recognize professionals who are retiring or leaving parks and recreation service.
  2. Fellow: to recognize an exemplary professional currently employed in the parks and recreation service.
Friends of Parks and Recreation
  1. Outstanding Contributor: presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution of land or fiscal resources to parks and recreation.
  2. Outstanding Volunteer: presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution of personal time and talent to a NACPRO member agency.
  3. Outstanding Support Organization: presented to an organization that has responded in an exceptional manner by making a major contribution to benefit park and recreation programs or facilities.

2. Program, Area and Facility Awards

NACPRO offers the following awards for agencies depending upon population: Class I - park and recreation agencies service areas with a population of 500,000 or less and Class II - park and recreation agencies in service areas with a population of 500,000 or more.

  1. Park and Recreation Program Awards: to recognize a NACPRO member agency that has provided a unique or exceptional program, activity, or event which provides an outstanding example that other agencies could adopt or emulate.
  2. Park and Recreation Areas or Facilities: to recognize and honor excellence in recreation and park facilities; to focus national attention (both public and professional) on the very best of facility design; to encourage outstanding efforts in planning, design, construction, and benefits to the community; and as a resource of information for the highest quality of facility development.
  3. Operational Facilities: to recognize a support facility of unique or significant design. Examples include but are not limited to maintenance facilities, administrative offices, service centers, etc.
  4. Historical/Cultural Facility Award: to recognize a unique facility development dedicated to historical or cultural preservation, use, programming, and/or interpretation.

3. Special Awards

  1. Environmental/Conservation Award: to recognize an exceptional effort to acquire, restore, preserve, operate, or develop unique or significant conservation and natural areas or programs.
  2. Removing Barriers Initiative: to recognize a unique program or facility that enables and encourages greater participation in parks and recreation by persons with disabilities.
  3. Planning Initiative:  to recognize a research or planning initiative that has provided the agency with important information to aid in decision-making and which contributes to a body of knowledge that will be valuable to other agencies.
  4. Marketing:  to recognize a marketing effort demonstrating unique, significant, or exceptional outcomes.  This award category includes projects involving market research, marketing plans, promotion, advertising, and use of information technologies such as websites.
  5. President's Host Recognition:  Made annually to the park and recreation agency which hosts the NACPRO annual conference.